Service & Support

It is not about what the system can do... but what the user can do with the system.

To guarantee the best performance from any system, both operators and maintenance personnel must be comfortable with the equipment being used.

Training builds confidence and allows staff to be fully conversant with the operation and routine maintenance of the ARC|EYE equipment. Training courses can be held onsite or at Valk Welding and cover:

  • The basic theory of system operation
  • Operation of the software
  • Equipment set-up
  • Basic faultfinding and problem rectification
  • General routine maintenance procedures
  • Features specific to the application

A range of advanced training courses are also available to Distributors, Integration partners and specialist users.

  • Technical centre
Arc-Eye tool integration

Our technical centre provides system demonstrations, training and doing special tests. This way we can offer the optimal support for our customers.

  • Training courses
Arc-Eye tool integration

To guarantee the best performance from
our systems we offer training courses for
both operators and maintenance personnell.

  • Helpdesk
Arc-Eye tool integration

Most of the problems can be solved just by phone. This helps to keep your downtime low.