Welcome to ARC|EYE

Welcome to the future of automated and robotic arc-welding.

ARC|EYE offers high-performance laser vision systems for welding applications including:

  • pre-weld 3D seam finding
  • pre-weld 3D seam mapping
  • real-time 3D seam tracking
  • real-time adaptive welding
Our patented special optical design makes the ARC|EYE sensors a unique type of laser sensors on the market. This gives the ARC|EYE sensors some main advantages over the normal applied laser sensor types. Two of these main advantages are the capability of creating a full 3D image within one single scan and a extremely high signal-to-noise ratio which excludes the need of a high powered laser diode and thus keeping the ARC|EYE sensor on the safe side of all laser products classes.

  • Easy mounting
ARC|EYE tool integration

Direct integration into the ValkWelding SafetyHolder ensures a perfect Tool-Center-Point relation.

  • Ultra-fast corner localisation
Arc-Eye 3D corner finding

Each 3D shaped corner can be located by our ARC|EYE sensor with one single scan.

  • Aluminium welding
Arc-Eye low-cost edge detection

High reflective surfaces, like aluminium, are no match for ARC|EYE sensors.

  • Seam tracking
Reflective aluminium laser seam tracking

The ARC|EYE sensor can track any detectable shape, even on highly reflective surfaces.

  • Award winning seam mapping
Reflective aluminium laser seam tracking

In case something really special needs to be done, our ARC|EYE sensor software offers high flexibility and intelligent integration tools.